iCandy Peach Ride-On Board

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The iCandy Peach Ride-on Board is a great option for a family with a new baby & a toddler who is walking but still needs help when they’re tired. Compatible with Peach (2018 onwards), Peach All-Terrain (in 4 wheel mode only), iCandy for Land Rover Peach & Peach Designer Collection Cerium.

Capable of holding up to 20kg, the anti-slip Ride-On Board platform attaches to the chassis, enabling a young child to stand safely within the handle bar space without hindering the stride of the parent.

The Peach Ride-on Board can hold up to 20Kg & once fixed onto the back of the basket frame, provides an anti-slip platform upon which a young child can stand securely and safely within the handle bar space.

The Ride-on Board must be used in conjunction with elevators (included when you purchase a compatible pushchair) so that your older child has space to stand comfortably alongside the carrycot or seat unit.

Comfort for the person pushing the pushchair was also a key consideration in the design of the Ride-on Board and its unique compact design means it won’t impact on walking space or the compact fold.


Compatible with Peach (2018 onwards), Peach All-Terrain (in four wheel mode only), iCandy for Land Rover and Peach Designer Collection Cerium.

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