Fred Screw Fit Clear-View Stairgate

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Safety gates have become beautiful!

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Combining contemporary modern style with uncompromising levels of safety, Fred has created a range of gates that are unparalleled in their elegance and effectiveness.

Made from the highest possible quality materials throughout, the crystal-clear professional grade Acryllic is a barrier of brilliance.

Details such as the extra sure 2-way magnetic locking system, the at-a-glance visual locking indicators, and the FastMount™ installation system (that make it the quickest and easiest gate of its type to fit correctly), all add up to give you the peace of mind that you need.

This is a no-trip stair gate - ideal for use at the top of staircases, the advantage of fitting to your wall with screws! In brief, we can give you 4 great reasons for installing this Fred screw-fit safety gate.

Reassuringly child-proof
77cm of height that a young child won’t climb over
Manual 2-way child-proof magnetic locking system
Visual colour alert for when the gate is left unlocked
Top quality, strong materials to withstand heavy impacts
Bite-proof materials and lick-safe finishes throughout

Unbelievably practical
Use just one hand for opening and closing
Built-in lift to make opening even easier
Gate can swing in either direction
Optional 1-way swing setting to prevent opening over the stairs
Gate quickly removed (and replaced) when not required

Simple to fit
Uniquely simple Fast-Mount™ wall installation
180° mount allows a perfect fit, even where walls are at an angle
Designed to fit walls with or without a skirting board
Unique system to mount over quarter round mouldings, pipes or wires.
Screws, fittings and even a mini spirit level all included
Simple width adjustment - can be fitted on the outside of an opening or straight across the gap

Unbeatable design
Clear Acrylic blends effortlessly into your home
A sheer barrier without steps or snags
Elegant, unobtrusive fittings with finger-safe hinges
No-trip bar to get in your way
Meeting and exceeding safety standards

In some situations, the opening that you are trying to protect makes it awkward to fit a stairgate. If this is the case in your home, take a look at Fred's Stairpost or Wall and Skirting Fitting Kits which are designed to help.

"Don’t be tempted to climb over the gate. Children may try and copy you, and could reduce its effectiveness in protecting your child."

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