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Taking your baby swimming is a wonderful experience, however, you need to ensure that he or she is wearing the correct protection, for hygiene reasons, to prevent any accidents in the swimming pool!

Normal swimwear doesn\'t offer any protection and normal nappies absorb the water and weigh your baby down. 

The Swim Nappies from Bambino Mio not only look great but they have leak proof legs and waistbands, and a concealed waterproof layer, that prevent solids from escaping so there is no need to wear any other nappy with them.

Bambino Mio\'s Swim Nappies are lightweight and comfortable.  The lining is made of a super soft cotton blend so that it is gentle against your baby\'s skin.

They are also machine washable at 40 degrees so that you can re-use them everytime you go swimming.

In order to get a secure fit on the waistband and leg cuffs, these Swim Nappies come in a range of different sizes with lots of patterns to choose from!

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(Please note that most people are advised not to take their baby swimming until it has received its first vaccinations, therefore there is not a Newborn size available)

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