ARDO Easy Freeze Breast Milk Storage Bags (Pack of 20)

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ARDO EasyFreeze Breast Milk Storage Bags - Pack of 20
The Easy Freeze bags have been designed to be used with all Ardo Pumpsets and pumps, including the manual Amaryll manual pump.

You can express directly into the pre-sterilised Easy Freeze where the expressed breastmilk is safe and no drop is lost due to the resealable fastening of the leak-proof bags. 

When you wish to use the milk, the integrated heat indicator on the bag will show when the milk is warm.

For easy measuring, each bag is graduated up to 180ml.

Ardo use premium-quality, FDA tested, double coating to protect against odours. The materials used are safe and Plasticizer (PVC) free.


Pack Contains:

20 Easy Freeze pre-sterilised bags 180ml

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